Wednesday, July 08, 2009

OUC starts shutting down water, power in Veranda Park -

OUC starts shutting down water, power in Veranda Park - "At noon today, the Orlando Utilities Commission turned off the water and power for the large fountain at the entrance to the Veranda Park town center in MetroWest Orlando as well as for the outdoor irrigation systems for the 30-acre property off of South Hiawassee Road.

This is the first step in a staggered shutdown of water and power in Veranda Park due to months of unpaid bills for seven Veranda accounts owned or controlled by developer Kevin Azzouz.

The unpaid accounts total more than $378,000 for the struggling project that was to become a second downtown Orlando."

Thanks to Beth Young for this link. What a horrible situation.


Anonymous said...

More reasons to avoid condos like the plague. I wonder whether the Association attorney will still be trying to collect assessments from the mandatory members who can't even live in their units.

Anonymous said...

You betcha long as they are on title.