Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Florida law protects homeowners who put in less-thirsty yards - OrlandoSentinel.com

Florida law protects homeowners who put in less-thirsty yards - OrlandoSentinel.com: "When state Sen. Carey Baker proposed a law encouraging Florida homeowners to get rid of thirsty grass, he had Dorothy Bombera in mind. The Venice retiree has steadily ripped out her lawn, making room for daisies, perennial peanuts, palms and other drought-resistant plants.

But not all of her neighbors found the new scenery attractive, and her homeowners association threatened to fine Bombera if she didn't re-create the old, conventional yard.

Last week, Baker's legislation was signed into law by Gov. Charlie Crist, and Bombera is now off the hook.'They were up to a $480 fine,' Bombera said of the homeowners association. 'I think that passing this was the most wonderful thing.'"

So common sense prevailed.


Beth said...

Unfortunately, this protection was attached to a very bad law that allows water decisions to be made secretly, and that allows developers to lock up water rights for much longer than they can currently.

This landscaping provision is good, though.

Alan said...

Congratulations! We just prevailed in mediation for our Florida-friendly landscape, too. We even had our rain barrels approved.

It is unfortunate that we are forced to fight so hard for what is just and right.

HOA Hillbillie said...

"We even had our rain barrels approved."

Great news!