Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Don't make light of this situation

Strike a light! Do religious zealots get any barmier than this?: "AN Orthodox Jewish couple are suing their neighbours in a block of Bournemouth flats over motion sensors which automatically turn on the lights in the communal hallway."
Thanks to Mystery Reader for this fascinating link. You see, they aren't supposed to use electricity from Friday night to Saturday night, but the lights are triggered automatically by sensors when they step out their door. Thus, they have to choose between violating their religious tenets and staying indoors.


DBX said...

Either that or leave the lights on from sundown on Friday all the way through to sundown on Saturday, which I've also heard of.

Perhaps an Orthodox rabbi needs to rule on whether robots, such as light sensors, have souls.

Anonymous said...

Completely absurd. If the lights were left on 100% of the time apparently they believe they wouldn't be responsible - yet the only reason they are needed is for the safety of the people (such as them) living there. On the other hand it's unclear whether they are protesting all use of electricity at this time or just turning things on and off. It's not as if something not using power is suddenly "switched on". The motion sensor is powered continuously whether the couple realizes it or not. It's really just a question of the amount of power being consumed by the device and the device is NOT zero prior to stepping outside because the motion sensor is consuming power. I wonder if they refuse to open the refrigerator door because it might cause the compressor to turn on? I wonder if they turn off any A/C because their body heat might be the cause of the A/C cycling?

Beth said...

I don't know about A/C, but I do know there are religious people who refuse to open the refrigerator for the reasons you mention (plus the light turns on).