Saturday, January 14, 2006 City considers ‘red-tagging’ problem houses

Is it my imagination, or are municipalities starting to become more like HOAs?
City leaders are floating the idea of slapping so-called “red tags” on disorderly houses to serve notice to inhabitants, neighbors and landlords that they’re in trouble with the law.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Thriving under our noses, but stealthily: coyotes
Scientists have long thought coyotes intently avoid cities, but a new study has found the opposite. Groups of the historically maligned dog relatives are thriving in some large U.S. cities: they lurk in darkness and come out at night, probably helping the human inhabitants by eating vermin, the study found.

This study was done in and around Chicago. I see coyotes around, but they are near our home in the boonies, not near my office in downtown Chicago. Or maybe I don't notice them because they dress better when they go downtown.
No Bids for Love Home at Foreclosure Sale - Yahoo! News
Q. What does it mean when they give a foreclosure sale and nobody shows up?
A. That it's Courtney Love's house.

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Courtney Love lost the historic bungalow she bought in the late 1990s to a Los Angeles mortgage company after a foreclosure auction generated no bids.