Thursday, July 09, 2009

HOA Academy registration begins

HOA Academy registration begins: "The homeowners association academy is aimed at those serving as or aspiring to be HOA board members and employees of management companies."
Fred Pilot sent this, with a note to check the comments--George Staropoli got in a kidney shot.


HOAGOV said...

The bias of big corporation media is surmounted by these "direct democracy" media, "post comment" opportunities. Advocates can get their voices heard by making extensive use of these features to set the record straight. No longer will the pro-HOA supporters be able to get away with simplistic sound bites, or with unsupportable special interest propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Eight years following the 1st Surprise Homeowners Association Academy, significant necessary legislative change to ArizonaĆ¢€™s Corporation and Associations (Title 10) and Property (Title 33) statutes, +/- 80 homeowner contested matter petitions heard by the Office of Administrative Hearing from 12/28/06 thru 01/30/09 (of which pro-se homeowners were the prevailing party in 44% of the decided cases), tens of dozens of civil lawsuits filed in ArizonaĆ¢€™s Superior Court and more, might suggest the six-week course and its curriculum inadequately prepare those aspiring board members and management company employees for governing associations.

Anonymous said...

I would stick with George. Look What he has been up to. Good for him and EVEN BETTER FOR US. Especially, anyone trapped within one of these groups!
The Foundations of Homeowner Associations and The New America
A History of Homeowner Associations by George K. Staropoli

July 09, 2009

By George K. Staropoli (View author info)

Scottsdale, Arizona -
The Foundations of Homeowner Associations and The New America - History of Homeowner Associations by George K. Staropoli (available for the links below). examines America's homeowner associations . It contrasts the two forms of housing available to home buyers in the United States of America - one in constitutionally protected communities with the normal government infrastructure services (roads, parks, libraries etc.), and the other under sevitudes of privatized governments called homeowner associations that strip homeowners of all constitutional protections and subject homeowners to ever-changing one way contracts, liabilities without limits, codes, and restrictions.

Part III. American Political Governments: HOAs under servitude law & public government under constitutional law.

This examination into homeowner associations (HOAs) history is not light reading, and more than a quick run through is necessary for a good understanding of the arguments and concepts.

Supporting authoritative and references abound in the footnotes that should be read as they serve to clarify and expand the topic.


This lengthy paper, by internet posting standards, explores the dual forms of political government that currently exist here in the United States.

These two forms of governance, which can be found in our history since medieval times, are clearly distinct and incompatible, having come to present times from two paths, one concerned with the control of real property interests by groups or associations of persons, and the other concerned with the democratic governance of a people.

The former path has evolved into what is know today as the law of servitudes that govern homeowners associations, and the latter is known as constitutional law that governs all other American government entities.

The essential point is that HOAs are more equivalent to local government than to a business or any other nonprofit organization. Don't be fooled by the necessary use of non-governmental terminology to distinguish de jure public government status from private HOA government status.

HOAs are governments true and true and must be brought back under the umbrella of the US Constitution.

Otherwise, what is the purpose of the Constitution?

What is the purpose of having a written contract between the government and the people, if the people can unilaterally deny and violate the contract?

Have our enlightened generation of political and judicial leadership found the promised land where the will of the people shall prevail? Or have they become another example of:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
It is an inescapable conclusion that we live today in a New America consisting of private government HOAs subject to servitudes law, and of democratic public government subject to the US Constitution. HOAs have been allowed to secede from state government, with the "sovereign's" blessings. If the Southern States only had recourse to servitudes law in 1861, our Civil War could have been avoided.


In 2006, I released my examination of the history of HOAs and planned communities in the PDF paper, The Foundations of Homeowners Associations and the New America, which was comprised of two parts:

Part I. The Mass Merchandising of Planned Communities: How Americans lost their constitutional and property rights.

Part II. National Lobbyist for HOA Principalities.

Anonymous said...

Could this course be alternatively called "Gulag Operation for Dummies"?

While I noted George Staropoli's very knowledgeable comments, I found the comments of "ICdeLight" to be highly informative about how the CAI is attempting to shove HOAs down the throats of owners of non-HOA homes.