Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Offering a tiny apology | Change of Subject

Offering a tiny apology | Change of Subject: "The question looking forward is what excuse, what explanation, what apology the Democratic Party can offer voters for making such a mess of things yet again, even with the ostensibly rogue ex-governor out of the picture. Democrats asked the voters for power in Illinois. And the majority of voters -- including me, I should say -- said OK. The result reduced legislative Republicans to decorative-plant status. But with this power came full and admittedly awesome responsibility -- to address the impact of the nationwide economic crisis and balance the state budget in a time of declining revenues. This responsibility didn't exactly creep up on the Democrats. We all saw it coming.

What did the Democratic leadership do to address this admittedly knotty problem? They bickered. They hemmed. They hawed. They quailed at making decisions and taking ownership of decisions that will inevitably prove unpopular among some segments of the population. Eventually, they ran out the clock at the end of last month and forced an overtime session."

This is an amazing confession by the Chicago Tribune's very liberal and ordinarily very partisan columnist, Eric Zorn. He lays the blame for Illinois' political-economic logjam squarely at the feet of the Illinois Democratic Party and particularly their chairman, House speaker Michael Madigan.

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