Saturday, May 07, 2011

Signs of the times: HOA threatens to sue over unsanctioned sign

In January, following Corey Burr's deployment to Afghanistan, Burr and her husband, Timothy, put up a large multi-colored banner with their 20-year-old son's Marine Corps portrait and the phrase "Our son defends our freedom" in front of their south Bossier home.The couple received a letter a month later from the Gardens of Southgate Association stating the banner was in violation of the neighborhood's covenants. The covenants specify only real estate signs are permitted.

Beyond Foreclosuregate - It Gets Uglier | Truthout

Beyond Foreclosuregate - It Gets Uglier | Truthout
"The ForeclosureGate scandal poses a threat to Wall Street, the big banks, and the political establishment. If the public ever gets a complete picture of the personal, financial, and legal assault on citizens at their most vulnerable, the outrage will be endless."

Osama bin Laden hideout 'worth far less than US claimed' | World news |

Osama bin Laden hideout 'worth far less than US claimed' | World news |
So Bin Laden is underwater in more ways than one.

Friday, May 06, 2011

California’s Secret Government: Redevelopment agencies blight the Golden State.

"In theory, RDAs spearhead blight removal. In fact, they divert billions of dollars from traditional services, such as schools, parks, and firefighting; use eminent domain to seize property for favored developers; and run up California’s debt to pay those developers to construct projects of dubious public value, such as stadiums and big-box stores. Most Californians have long been unaware that these agencies exist. As the activist group Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform puts it, RDAs constitute an “unknown government” that “consumes 12 percent of all property taxes statewide,” is “supported by a powerful Sacramento lobby,” and is “backed by an army of lawyers, consultants, bond brokers and land developers.”
And Gov. Jerry Brown wants to eliminate all 400 of them as part of saving California from becoming Greece. Good for him.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

What?! Prince in foreclosure?!

I know the foreclosure crisis has been super-bad, but now it's even badder, given that it's knocking on the door of the baddest, most ridiculously funky musician to ever emerge from the frozen north: the Minnesota Landowner Currently Known as Prince. Or MLCKP, if you prefer.

The Carver County Sheriff's Office reports that the multitalented, multiplatinum Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has fallen behind $368,382 on the mortgage to his 20-acre former manse in Chanhassen, the Minneapolis suburb that he's called home since 1980. A sheriff's auction is set for May 13.

UI Press | Beyond Privatopia: Rethinking Residential Private Government

UI Press | Beyond Privatopia: Rethinking Residential Private Government:

This book is now available for order directly from the publisher by using this link. It's also listed on Amazon, but they probably won't have more than a few on hand, so if you want it quickly go to Urban Institute Press by clicking the title of this post.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Snow Crashing of America

"The evidence is mounting day by day that the real GOP plan for America is the privatization of everything."
Snowcrash is a great novel. And maybe it will turn out to be prophetic.