Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fight for HOA reform continues after bill fails | News 8 | WFAA.com

Fight for HOA reform continues after bill fails | News 8 | WFAA.com: "'The issue isn’t going away,” said Rep. Burt Solomons.

The Carrollton Republican introduced legislation in the last session aimed at reining in HOAs. The bill failed to come up for a vote in the Senate.

“We intend to continue fighting,” he said. “It’s gotten out of control and it’s very hard to rein them in.”... Lawmakers say there are 30,000 homeowners associations in Texas, which has only 5,000 towns.

“You have entities that have more power than any city council,” Scott said. “More power than any city government with no checks, no balances, no accountability, no transparency, no openness.” "

This is mainly about foreclosure reform, as I understand it, and that is probably going to remain a huge issue in TX and elsewhere for the foreseeable future.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that we continue to hear stories about the poor home owners who are about to lose their houses because they were swindled into buying a house in a mandatory HOA and for some reason are years behind in paying the HOA dues? We don’t cry for them when the have their cars repossessed when they stoop making the payments. Personally I’m tired of hearing about these over extended slobs who are one steep a head of bankruptcy Why doesn’t some tell the real story as to why all the cities promote developer to create subdivisions that have mandatory HOAs? The cites give developers tax incentives to do this then the city gets a life time of free maintenance and insurance on public easements that we already pay taxes for. That the real deal and that’s why we never hear the real story! I know why… You can’t fight city hall…

Anonymous said...

This isn't just about foreclosure reform. This is about Open Records, Open Meetings, Open Elections, right to vote, prohibition of diversion of payments by management companies (particularly Sen Carona's), elimination of one-way attorney fees payable to HOA's attorneys only, elections with integrity, elimination of proxy voting, right to park on public street, right to prevent HOA agents from entering your property w/o permission, elimination of first right of refusal by HOA Boards, religious freedom, remedy for homeowners, judicial oversight for "fines", etc.

Guess which lobbying organization is responsible for the condition of things today including many of the current statutes? The same organization (CAI) has adamantly opposed any reform by outright opposition or "compromise" that turns the bills into enabling acts for more abuse.

Extremely Concerned Homeowner said...

Even homeowners who pay their dues, taxes, mortgages, etc., and do everything as they are SUPPOSED to can be in danger of oppressive HOA regimes.

Associations have too much power. They operate unchecked, as nobody oversees the HOAs to ensure that they abide by the same rules that homeowners have to.

We need reform now, ESPECIALLY in Texas! It's a total mess but the DA, Secretary of State and Attorney General don't want to get their hands dirty.

When fear and apathy of homeowners are rampant, you really are at the mercy of whoever is in control of the Board...and you better hope they are honest & have your best interest at heart.

Link to find out what is going on at the Village at Woodlake HOA in San Antonio, TX- how 48 RESPONSIBLE families may soon be homeless!


Anonymous said...

Nationwide HOA's are generally out of control. In the community of Treasure Lake in Dubois, Pennsylvania the deed of restrictions is enforced selectively and against residents in opposition to the board. If you are in full compliance they will pass a new restriction that effects you. Their current bug is against housing contractors with signs on their vehicles. No restriction exists, yet they sent out notices to this select group of people but couldn't enforce it, so they are now working on passing a new restriction on signs on vehicles. Have a garbage can in front of your house? You get fined. If they can't find something wrong they use the phrase "Non-seasonal items in your yard" and fine you. Pennsylvania needs HOA REFORM now!

You must sue your HOA in civil court to stop the harassment.