Thursday, November 07, 2013

Levy Court considers taking over responsibility for Homeowners Association fees - News - Dover Post - Dover, DE

Levy Court considers taking over responsibility for Homeowners Association fees - News - Dover Post - Dover, DE: Ideas floated included sending collection letters from the county or putting the fee as a line item on property tax bills. In either case, the funds received then would be disbursed back to the HOA.

The idea is similar to a system used in New Castle County, but legislation from the state General Assembly would be required to enable the county to start collecting the fees. The HARP committee already has set Nov. 12 as a date to sit down with local legislators, to include Sen. Brian Bushweller, (D-Dover) and Rep. Trey Paradee, (D-Dover) to discuss such legislation.

Both men were at the Levy Court session in support of examining the idea.

Commissioner Eric Buckson said afterward he is sympathetic to problems faced by the HOAs, although he normally does not favor increasing government intervention in non-governmental issues.

"I don't think Levy Court wants to be involved, but I think we have to be involved," he said. "As a county, though we don't require HOAs, we enable them and rely on them. If they don't function properly, eventually it will fall back into our laps. That's my greatest fear.
Fiscal distress continues in Privatopia five years after the economic downturn as local governments fear the consequences.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Don’t forget your CC&Rs Mountain Democrat

Don’t forget your CC&Rs Mountain Democrat: “Honestly, 80 percent of the time, people just don’t know they need to go through this approval process. They didn’t receive the CC&Rs or it’s part of a big stack of papers they never read,” said Priest. “We’re trying to work with the Realtors and title companies to make sure new homeowners are given those copies.”
Some including the perfessor who blogs here believe Privatopia's governance issues can be addressed with better state regulation. But more regulation cannot address a fundamental lack of stakeholder buy-in to these private local governments as this story illustrates. If homebuyers were truly engaged with and accepting of HOA governance, this classic CC&R disconnect that happens all over Privatopia wouldn't be so commonplace.