Saturday, October 23, 2004

'I'M BANNED FOR LIFE': (from Bristol, UK)
A Golf club has banned a player for life after he wrote a message in its visitors' book insulting the state of the course. Tony Rooke, from Bradley Stoke, was attending a wake at Shirehampton Park Golf Club, in Park Hill, where he used to be a member, when he says he saw some dandelions growing on the bunker by the 18th green. On leaving the club Mr Rooke - who admits he had "a few drinks" - wrote a message in the book which said: "The course looks like a tip"...He wrote a letter apologising for his behaviour - but was then told that he would no longer be welcome at the Shirehampton club because of his "improper and offensive entry" in the book.

Coming soon, to an HOA near you...

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Yahoo! News - Political Yard-Sign Wars Rage as Election Nears
And I thought HOAs were hard on yard signs...
Campaign signs depicting support for either President Bush (news - web sites) or Democratic challenger John Kerry (news - web sites) are being burned, chopped down, spray-painted and commonly, stolen away in the dark of night. There were reports even of a hatchet left in one and a swastika burned into a lawn sporting a Bush sign.

Woman May Face Heavy Sanctions In Homeowners' Association Lawsuit
A lawsuit against a homeowners' association northwest of Tucson could now come back against the woman who filed it. Whatever the court decides, a Tucson legislator says it's one more example of how the state needs to regulate the associations more closely. After more than six years in Superior Court, the suit filed against Casas Adobes Terrace by a resident there could be an expensive lesson for Mika Sadai, who faces hundreds of thousands of dollars in court sanctions.