Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Widow vs. HOA dispute gets HUD's attention | Mesa Arizona News - Mesa News - Mesa AZ news |

Widow vs. HOA dispute gets HUD's attention | Mesa Arizona News - Mesa News - Mesa AZ news | "Federal housing authorities have become involved with the case of an 87-year-old Mesa woman whose homeowners association told her she can't have a grandson live with her as a caregiver because of the community's age restrictions."
Go, Granny, go!


Beth said...

I have to shake my head in disbelief over the comments of some residents of that HOA that a doctor's note "is not enough"--they think the HOA needs more specifics about what this woman's health requires and what her grandson can provide. Her medical conditions are none of their business! And even if she were to provide that sort of personal detail, I'd wager that no one on the HOA board is qualified to assess it. And still there are the "if you don't like the rules don't live there" comments, as though everyone can accurately predict every future need. Good grief. I feel very sorry for that grandma.

Anonymous said...

This article contained a statement that the HOA was considering a rewrite of the CC&RS.

In 2008, a bill, SB 1162, was defeated that would have prohibited HOAs from rewriting their CC&Rs to reverse an ongoing legal action in their favor. I referred to these actions as "ex post facto" amendments, permitted by HOA regimes, but not by public government under the Constitution. In other words, the newly amended CC&Rs would apply retroactively against the homeowner.

The opposing attorneys with respect to this bill are the same attorneys in this incident. Clint Goodman for the bill, and the CAI lobbyists whose LAC co-chair was Scott Carpenter, principle of the firm employing the HOA atorney.

Shall we try once again to get this bill passed this session?

Anonymous said...

Good! I am glad HUD has finally gotten involved in another of these cases. Take it from someone who knows personally about the discrimination, hate crimes and horrible acts being inflicted upon vulnerable populations by some of these groups. The disabled and elderly are target in some of these groups, I believe, because they are easy to get! One disability expert told me of outrageous, unthinkable cases from all over the USA. I understand though, that one cent of any kind of government monies, state, county, federal, including tax abatements, section eight vouchers, etc., is reason for every agency designed to protect a homeowner in housing, top step in and investigate. This is long, long overdue.