Thursday, October 08, 2009

Airports To Screen Passengers For H1N1 Symptoms -

Airports To Screen Passengers For H1N1 Symptoms - "The government warns that some passengers may be asked to pass through a screening device, have their temperatures taken, answer questions about their health, and even be quarantined if someone on the flight shows symptoms of H1N1."
I hope these are oral thermometers they are talking about. But when we get to the point of quarantining an entire flight of people because of one person, I think things are pretty far over the line.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been? NO rectal or otherwise inserted thermometers are necessary anymore. The airport authorities simply measure the body heat signatures of people as they pass through the airport. Too hot and you're quarantined.

Evan McKenzie said...

Apparently I need to get out more. The airport authorities are more sophisticated than those aliens who keep abducting people so they can probe them.

Beth said...

I had no idea that airports had such sophisticated temperature takers.

I don't understand the quarantine, though, since h1n1 is already alive and well throughout the U.S. Would they quarantine the flight crews, too, during the heavy travel season? If so, wouldn't that be more disruptive than a few more cases of flu?