Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Loudoun Times: One HOA doing its part to prevent economic recovery

Loudoun Times: "Residents of CountrySide are upset that members of the community's board of directors are considering a plan to restrict home businesses, threatening operations such as home day cares.

According to a draft of the resolution, permission to operate any business would have to be obtained from all adjacent property owners and from the board of directors."

Can you imagine a worse time to do this?


Anonymous said...

Don't nearly all HOA's/COA's in America ban operating a business in there documents; rules, regulations, restrictive covenants? I have not seen one set of CC&R's that allows an owner to run a business from a property included in one of these groups.

Anonymous said...

To whose benefit is such a restriction?

Why should you need the permission of private entities who don't own your property?

Is the restriction that you speak of even enforceable?

How about eliminating "police powers" for HOAs and let the neighbors decide whether they would indivdually fund a lawsuit.