Thursday, October 08, 2009

Underground City Envisioned in Nevada - Yahoo! News

Underground City Envisioned in Nevada - Yahoo! News: "According to a recent study, over the coming century the Southwest will essentially transition into a state of 'perpetual drought' due to the effects of global warming. This prediction leads to the questions of whether the worsening arid conditions of the Southwest should be called a drought or whether the regional climate is changing.

'Sietch Nevada projects waterbanking as the fundamental factor in future urban infrastructure in the American Southwest. Sietch Nevada is an urban prototype that makes the storage, use, and collection of water essential to the form and performance of urban life. Inverting the stereotypical Southwest urban patterns of dispersed programs open to the sky, the Sietch is a dense, underground community. A network of storage canals is covered with undulating residential and commercial structures.'"

As the article points out, this sounds a whole lot like Dune.

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