Monday, October 05, 2009

Dismissal of Obama birthplace lawsuit argued - Total Buzz -

Dismissal of Obama birthplace lawsuit argued - Total Buzz - "“It would be disastrous if a single circuit court judge had the power to remove a president from office,” said Assistant United States Attorney Roger West."
My mother was Roger West's secretary for years before her retirement at age 79.

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Fred Fischer said...

This past summer a CATO Institute representative said during a national TV news program, if Washington keeps ignoring the US constitution then it will become a worthless piece of paper.

If a public disclosure of birthplace origin to verify citizenship is not provided to the American people. Then I guess, we the people can all refuse to produce the same documentation when applying for Drivers licenses, employment, social security, passports ect. . After all, no one is above the law the courts tell us or ?

In this case the courts don’t have to remove anyone, they only need to verify the facts and pass along the information to the congress who then would have the final responsibility to act.