Monday, October 05, 2009

Group offers homeowner's board training The Post and Courier - Charleston SC newspaper

Group offers homeowner's board training The Post and Courier - Charleston SC newspaper: "Anyone who serves on a homeowner association board knows the responsibility usually comes with little training. Some groups are barely equipped with enforceable bylaws.

The Community Associations Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit, has launched a program to address that gap in association-governance knowledge. The group is offering a free online training course that could help new board members get their bearings."

I love the way the local press just takes press releases and plugs them right into the newspaper as if they were news or something. Anyway, CAI is taking their training online.


Anonymous said...

CAI's indoctrination is not different from any other false religion. The brainwashed individuals are expected to yield their worldly goods to benefit the "community" which of course means the vendors and not the members of the HOA. Those that do not are to be sacrificed, again, for "harmony". Now CAI just runs around proclaiming that owners aren't "harmonious" in order to extract money from the owners from the ensuing dispute.

You know, there is a much better education available that far surpasses anything CAI could provide. It's called "history". There are lots of casualties in the pursuit of the elimination of ugliness. CAI's policies are designed to manufacture ugliness so that it can be eliminated through profitable fining and litigation. Whose next on the ugly list?

Anonymous said...

There are fools born every minute and anyone who believes, or allows this group to educate them, in my opinion, is a fool. Ask any victim, former board member, any group where this organization has crept in.....
In my opinion, this is really a very sad, misleading article. I wonder how much the writer had to be paid to write it? Or, well, maybe an influential friend or family member is behind it!

Anonymous said...

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