Monday, September 21, 2009

Red-light camera law born with help of political insiders --

Red-light camera law born with help of political insiders -- "Just as happened when Chicago debuted red-light cameras in 2003, the devices in the suburbs have infuriated drivers surprised by $100 tickets in the mail, fattened municipal treasuries and intensified a roaring debate about whether their purpose was to reduce crashes or extract cash from motorists.

The spawning of RedSpeed may represent a textbook example of how to cash in on this state's clubby intersection of public policy and clout. But it's an Illinois story with an unusual foreign accent.

The ownership of RedSpeed is obscured in public records, but the firm is part of a closely held Israeli-owned conglomerate that does most of its business in Kazakhstan, the former Soviet Republic that Americans perhaps know best -- maybe unfairly -- from the mockumentary 'Borat.'"

This is incredible. Local governments in Illinois are ripping off the citizenry by allowing this corporation to manufacture red light violations.


Borat said...

This company is exploiting glorious nation of Kazakhstan.

We have changed name of annual Running of the Jew to Running of the Jew red light.

Anonymous said...

I bet RedSpeed and CAI are cutting a deal as I write this.