Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cap-and-trade will depress home prices - Ryan Young -

Cap-and-trade will depress home prices - Ryan Young - "Sen. Boxer should see to it that the Senate version of cap and trade leaves the environmental inspection provision out.

Inspections are not free. Nor is fixing the inevitable violations. Compliance with new energy-efficiency standards would make homes, especially older ones, more expensive. Selling one’s home would become even harder than it already is in this down market if Waxman-Markey-style cap and trade becomes law."

Unintended consequences: the must invariable and fundamental law of public policy research.


Anonymous said...

Cap and Tax will not just kill home prices. It will destroy the rest of the already lousy economy.

We need to see to it that this global warming superstition driven monstrosity never becomes law.

Jody N. said...

To make sure this "monstrosity" does not become law we must make our voices heard. Write Congress to voice your opposition to cap and trade at