Monday, September 21, 2009

Is anti-Obama rhetoric too extreme?

The zombietime Hall of Shame
Nancy Pelosi and a whole lot of other Democrats and media talking heads are boo-hooing and tut-tutting about how "extreme" the anti-Obama rhetoric is. Fine. Good point. But where were these complaints of extreme rhetoric during the Bush administration, when there was a tsunami of the most horrific political rhetoric this country has seen in decades? Take a look at these photos, all taken at demonstrations in Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco. Tell me: which is more extreme--the Tea Parties or these photos from lefty demos?

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Anonymous said...

It's apples to oranges. Liberal extremism doesn't produce Timothy McVeigh moments.

Sure, liberals hated Bush and called him a Nazi, but they argued for impeachment, not assassination. The Right doesn't have the same mental circuit breakers found on the Left.