Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alcohol may protect the brain during an accident -

Alcohol may protect the brain during an accident - "It's not clear why alcohol might be helpful, although it could dampen the impact of catecholamines, hormones like adrenaline and dopamine that are released by the body after a traumatic injury, according to Salim. 'We think [the blood alcohol] may attenuate that response,' he says.

Alcohol may also help lower the body's core temperature, says David Hovda, Ph.D., a professor of neurosurgery at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the director of UCLA's Brain Injury Research Center. Lower body temperatures are known to slow cell death and swelling caused by severe brain injuries."

It seems that often the drunk driver lives and the sober people in the other car die. Can it be that the alcohol protects the drunk's brain?

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Anonymous said...

I have lived through nearly beingh killed by a drunk driver,. no license, insurance, etc... I was hit head on at a very high rate of speed. He walked away. I cannot tell you what the years of medical treatments, medical difficulities, allergic reactions, etc., and procedure issues have cost me. It is devastating! To have a life and then have it taken away in a moment because of another's lapse of judgement, or their own personal issues is a nightmare. Yes, I believe alcohol intoxications does protect the drunk driver in response to the impact, depending on the extent of the injuries they receive. TBI is one of the major outcomes of many of these types of accidents.
No one can ever know though, what the victims of these endure. Live through it and you will know what it is like to struggle, really struggle because of such a senseless, selfish, unjustifiable act of another.