Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rich, lonely woman Betty Harris, who died aged 95, leaves $12.5 million estate to neighbour |

Rich, lonely woman Betty Harris, who died aged 95, leaves $12.5 million estate to neighbour |
A rich but lonely old lady has left her entire estate, worth $12.5 million to her neighbour, who bought her bread and milk and helped her manage her daily chores.

Betty Harris, who died aged 95 in 2009, chose to leave her estate to her neighbour in the millionaires enclave of Point Piper in Sydney after she felt her niece was trying to force her into a nursing home.
Proving once again that being nice to your neighbors pays off.  The lady in the post below should read this.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the lady "in the post below" is the equivalent of this millionaire while her "neighbors" are the equivalent (or actually much worse) than the niece.

You've fallen into the trap that there is "someone at fault" and that it must be the homeowner who is the subject of the dispute. The homeowner is obviously retaliating for the conduct of her neighbors. The unanswered question is whether the fight is with "the neighbors" or with an HOA corporation. All to often, the news media disregards the fact that they are not one and the same.

Anonymous said...

The next CAI money-making scam: a privatized death-tax that conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans will support.

Inheritance-transfer fees will be written into HOA "contracts", giving the HOA corporation a percentage of the homeowner's estate. To help the community *, of course.

And the homeowner's heirs will have no recourse, because the deceased homeowner "agreed" to it.

* In reality, most of the value will be siphoned off by the industry professionals: the HOA attorneys and property managers, with the remainder embezzled by the HOA board members.