Monday, November 26, 2012

Backyard camping about to go legal in Superior - Boulder Daily Camera

Backyard camping about to go legal in Superior - Boulder Daily Camera:
Magley said the anti-camping language in the code evolved from the town's desire not to see itinerant housing popping up willy-nilly in residents' yards.

"We don't want someone renting out their backyard to someone to camp," he said. "But we also wouldn't want to prevent kids enjoying camping in their backyards over the weekend."

Ian Elverson, president of the 2,804-home Rock Creek Homeowners Association, said there are no official statistics on how many families in Superior engage in the time-honored practice of backyard camping. But he said there's been no shortage of anecdotal evidence that it happens on a regular basis.
The town is out HOAing the HOA.

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Anonymous said...

> The town is out HOAing the HOA.

Not necessarily.

From the story, it sounds like the ordinance was never actually enforced.

Certainly, the Boulder County Sheriff's Office wasn't knocking
down fences, ripping tents to shreds and throwing sleeping
bags into evidence containers. In fact, Cmdr. Rick Brough
has no recollection of anyone ever facing punishment in
Superior for the practice.

"I can't imagine we'd ever ticket someone for something like
that," he said.

Unlike an HOA, the City of Superior is exercising some common sense by amending a law to deal with an unintended consequence. If the city had tried to enforce the rule, its politicians would have likely been voted out of office.

Whereas in most HOAs, the HOA corporation's attorneys would advise the HOA corporation to enforce the rules with a zero-tolerance policy, in order to generate fees for the HOA's attorneys and property management company. Since HOA elections are as open and fair as elections in China, Iran, and North Korea, HOA corporate directors -- who in reality answer to the CAI vendors -- do not have to concern themselves with what their "constituents" think.