Monday, November 26, 2012

Auxiliary players in Plymouth Hill Condo Association scheme plead guilty - The Times Herald

Auxiliary players in Plymouth Hill Condo Association scheme plead guilty - The Times Herald: COURTHOUSE — While they might have been on the sidelines — not quite in the spotlight like the scheme’s ringleaders — John Jurkofsky and Roosevelt Harris are doing time for their involvement in an operation that got them rich with other people’s money.

Last month, Jurkofsky and Harris pleaded guilty to theft by deception and criminal conspiracy in the case of the Plymouth Hill Condo Association, which resulted in the swindling of hundreds of thousands of dollars from condominium residents in the form of charging inflated prices for resident fees and contracted services.
Most of the prosecutions of managers and board members to date have been for embezzlement, which is a relatively simple crime. People who have the right to touch the money decide to steal it. But the more sophisticated way to bilk CID residents is the "death of the thousand cuts" approach--set up a system of inflated or completely bogus charges that eventually add up to a fortune.

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Anonymous said...

There is an entire trade-lobby group representing management companies and HOA attorneys who seek to engage in both embezzlement AND death by a thousand cuts.

Why do you think industry trade groups always oppose open records, open meetings, open elections?

The lack of open meetings and open records makes it more difficult to catch the criminals. That's why their trade group lobbies against openness.

When a corrupt board (or agent) decides who gets to run for office, you can rest assured that they will seek candidates supportive of the vendors.