Monday, November 26, 2012

Homeowners in Katy neighborhood upset over vehicles towed from in front of their own homes |

Homeowners in Katy neighborhood upset over vehicles towed from in front of their own homes | KATY, TX (KTRK) -- There's a battle brewing between homeowners and the association in charge of the neighborhood, all over where people are parking their cars.
Some homeowners in Katy are upset because they say their cars are being towed from in front of their own houses. The homeowners association says it's not where people are parking, but the way they are parking that's causing problems.

Sonia Azad will have more on this story this afternoon on ABC13 Eyewitness News.
First come the tow trucks, then the TV news crews, followed by the lawyers.  Good for the tow operators, good for TV news viewership and good for the CID bar.  Privatopia. What a country!


Anonymous said...

"Some homeowners in Katy are upset"

Isn't being upset a violation of the rules they agreed to?

If not, those rules should be unilaterally amended post-facto, to prohibit the homeowners from being upset and prohibit them from communicating with the media.

Anonymous said...

The HOA website (via the management company) is as follows:
Lakeville HOA

Check out the "Parking Regulations"
Although the "board resolution" purports to be within the power of the board because the roads are owned by the HOA, the "board resolution" (see #5) also purports to dictate how homeowners can park in their own driveways.

The lawfirm identified on the last page explains it all. This is an HOA law firm that specializes in suing lots of homeowners every year and demanding $$$ from the homeowners under threat of losing their homes. To create more business, they trump up "resolutions" that are supposedly effective to impose more restrictions on homeowners' properties by board (i.e., vendor) fiat.

Time for these homeowners to sue the board AND the law firm vendor...and yes they do have claims that can be asserted against both in Texas for making, presenting, and using documents falsely claiming an interest in property that the HOA corporation doesn't have.

Atlanta Cash For Cars said...

I recommend they get an extension on their drive way!

-Evergreen Junk Car