Saturday, October 01, 2011

No Rise in Home Prices Until 2020: Bankers - CNBC

No Rise in Home Prices Until 2020: Bankers - CNBC
The survey conducted by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association for FICO, found that 49 percent of respondents do not expect housing prices to rise back to 2007 levels for another nine years. Only 21 percent of respondents said they would.

The findings, which authors called “a decidedly pessimistic outlook”, are a sharp reversal from cautious optimism the survey respondents expressed late last year and in early 2011.

In addition, 73 percent of surveyed bankers say they expect mortgage defaults to remain elevated for at least another five years. And 46 percent believe mortgage delinquencies will increase over the next six months.

Wow. That is the most pessimistic projection I have seen yet.

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