Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tories aim to protect Canadians' right to fly the flag

Keeping a Canadian from flying the flag could result in a fine or two years in jail.

People actually have been prevented from flying the flag in Canada.

Last year, a couple living in a retirement community in the southwestern Ontario town of Lakeshore were told to take their flag off their garage after the homeowners' association complained that it looked “trailer trashy.”

In 2009, Canadian war veterans in Ottawa were told to take their flags off their balconies by their property managers.
Whether it be the American stars and stripes or the Canadian maple leaf, HOAs and national flags have had a difficult co-existence. Now that the bill is about to be unfurled, watch for the Canadian community association industry to lobby to insert weasel words into the bill to allow HOAs to impose reasonable restrictions on how the flag is displayed. Otherwise, some of those lucrative frivolous lawsuits might dry up.

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