Sunday, September 25, 2011

HOA feud in DeSoto pits neighbor against neighbor

DESOTO -- It is a feud that has been going on for months in DeSoto.

It has led to one DeSoto homeowner being tased by police and other homeowners receiving threatening letters in the mail.

Some residents in the Candle Meadow Homeowners Association in Desoto believe there is money that cannot be accounted for in bank accounts and they want to know where the money has been going.
Fiscal matters are often not as transparent as property owners in Privatopia would like, leading to very short tempers. This story raises a potential double standard with regard to how the media covers HOA governance. Would citizens demanding a municipality account for expenditures be described as engaged in a "feud?"


Anonymous said...

Blaming the residents diverts attention away from the vendors. According to public records, Texas Senator John Carona's "Principal Management Group" is the management company involved in this subdivision. Funny how the article avoided mentioning the identity of the management company.

Anonymous said...

Double standard indeed.
Why does WFAA step around the identity of the HOA management company? The management company should always be identified in these stories.

According to public records, Texas state Senator John Carona's "Principal Management Group" is the one that is involved with this HOA. Go figure.

Public Record