Thursday, May 12, 2016

HOA bans homeowners renting to sex offenders, but is it legal?

HOA bans homeowners renting to sex offenders, but is it legal?: "HOUSTON - A Fort Bend County neighborhood's homeowners association has put a ban on any homeowner renting to a registered sex offender.

Lots of families with young children live in the Kingdom Heights neighborhood. The deed restrictions established by the HOA for the quiet suburban Houston community are crystal clear -- no homeowner may lease a residence to a registered sex offender...The state's property code calls into question the HOA's deed restrictions. It was revised last year and states that HOAs can no longer be involved in the approval process of a lease agreement for prospective tenants. Essentially it says an HOA has to mind its own business."


Once again we have an HOA attempting to do something that appears to be against the law. See below for the HOA in California that wants to violate state law concerning watering lawns in a drought.

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IC_deLight said...

No problem. Sue the HOA corporation. Consider that the HOA has no basis for interfering in the L/T relationship between owner and tenant and that the HOA can't prohibit sex offender owners this is just another anti-tenant "resolution" designed to target people the HOA attorney hoped no one would defend.