Saturday, May 14, 2016

Happy Together - The New Yorker

Happy Together - The New Yorker

"The building, Kennedy’s new home, is run by the co-living startup Common, which offers what it calls “flexible, community-driven housing.” Co-living has also been billed as “dorms for grown-ups,” a description that Common resists. But the company has set out to restore a certain subset of young, urban professionals to the paradise they lost when they left college campuses—a furnished place to live, unlimited coffee and toilet paper, a sense of belonging."


Sounds a bit like an episode of "Friends," and I can see the attraction of it. A lot of Americs are looking for a sense of community in a small, shared, living environment. Except for some seniors developments, I don't think many people find that in condominiums or HOAs.

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IC_deLight said...

"Community" - the non-existent thing that HOAs are frequently touted as providing. If community exists, it certainly is the anti-thesis of an HOA.