Monday, May 09, 2016

Confessions of a Donald Trump Tabloid Scribe - POLITICO Magazine

Confessions of a Donald Trump Tabloid Scribe - POLITICO Magazine: "He wanted attention, but he could not control his pathological lying. Which made him, as story subjects go, a lot of work. Every statement he uttered required more than the usual amount of fact-checking. If Trump said, “Good morning,” you could be pretty sure it was five o’clock in the afternoon...I once received a tip that Trump and Richard Nixon had had a lengthy meeting in Trump’s office. Trump said he knew nothing about it. I ran the story, not only because I had an excellent source, but also because a Nixon aide confirmed it. Nixon, who was shopping for a condo the day he met with Trump, may have had issues with credibility in his time, but over Trump, I’d have believed him any day. Trump was such a pretender he even used to fake being his own spokesman, as I learned recently, though I never heard from the faux flack he called John Barron." 


We have never had a condo developer run for President before. Trump has learned the art of the big lie. When he is caught lying he just keeps right on blustering through. He has no sense of shame or guilt.

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