Friday, December 07, 2012

What's ahead for community associations in 2013 -

What's ahead for community associations in 2013 -
"Owner aggression. Owners are increasingly vocal about their rights and wants. Some are well-informed about association operations and expect boards to act properly. Others promote personal agendas or disregard the rules. Be prepared for complaints, challenges and even lawsuits.

"Board members need to make sure they are operating in accordance with the law and governing documents," said Arlington Heights-based association attorney Charles VanderVennet. "They also need to maintain ongoing communication with owners to let them know what they are doing and why, and to draw lines of responsibility. An association is not a democracy, and some owners don't accept that."
I agree with the basic idea of this paragraphs, but in what sense is this "owner aggression"?  They are "increasingly vocal about their rights and wants"? They are "well-informed about association operations and expect boards to act properly"?  That is aggression?


Anonymous said...

Apparently Mr. VanderVennet was never involved in all the publications from or amicus briefs submitted by Community Associations Institute that claimed HOAs were "democracies".

It never really made a lot of sense why the industry hacks would claim on the one hand that HOAs were "democracies" while at the same time resisting the application of U.S. or state constitution to ownership of community corporation burdened property. (See, e.g., footnote 1 and associated text from Tyler Berding's Will developers stop building

So will CAI continue to claim that HOAs are mini-democracies in their other publications and amicus briefs or is the cat out of the bag?

Oscar the Grouch said...

"Refuse rebate. For decades the city of Chicago has partially
reimbursed condominium associations that pay for private
waste removal. The amount, $75 per unit per year, was
reduced to $50 per unit for 2012. It drops to $25 per unit
in 2013 and will be eliminated after 2015.

Am I missing something here?

The homeowners pay taxes for municipal services, such as garbage removal, that they do not receive from the municipality.

They also pay HOA dues for, among other things, services such as privatized garbage removal.

Then the HOA corporation, not the homeowners, receives the tax refund?!