Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Columbia residents propose new legislation - baltimoresun.com

Columbia residents propose new legislation - baltimoresun.com: According to the group of residents proposing the new bill, which includes two representatives from the Alliance for a Better Columbia and the president of the Maryland Homeowner's Association Jeanne Ketley, the purpose of the alternative legislation is to make CA more like traditional homeowners associations, of which all residential lien-payers are members.

"We are not asking for something that will make us stand out or different," said group representative and Oakland Mills resident Bill McCormack. "In fact, CA, as it is structured now, stands out and is different. In this case, we want to be like everybody else and adopt a structure that is tried, tested and true."

"When we are supporting CA through the lien fee, we need to have representation. That's critical, that is how we do things in America."


Anonymous said...

According to the story, "Currently, the only members of CA are the 10 members of the CA board of directors."

And a related editorial (with a great cartoon) says that "Besides a couple of board members and CA's attorney, few people seem to like this bill or find it necessary."

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm".

Anonymous said...

So the homeowners are characterized as "residential lien-payers of Columbia"?

How about hapless slaves? First off, one does not pay "liens" - one pays debts that might be secured by liens. Second, these are not legitimate corporate liens. A non-governmental lien has a sum that can be paid that would release the lien. However, these are perpetual liens that can never be paid off. These folks are nothing but slaves to debts racked up by the elected class running the private corporation.

How long before these things are challenged as unlawful taxes?