Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Residents at Orlando condo complex face eviction due to unpaid... | www.wftv.com

Residents at Orlando condo complex face eviction due to unpaid... | www.wftv.com: ORLANDO, Fla. —People who live in an Orlando condo complex could soon be kicked out of their own homes.

The Orlando Utility Commission is about to shut off water to The Village on Crayrich Circle because the complex isn't paying its bills. And if the water is shut off, no one will be allowed to live there.

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Communisty Associations Institute said...

The "story" from the liberal media organ claims that

"Renters and homeowners have taken it upon themselves to
try to come up with the $12,000 owed to OUC. So far, they
have raised $7,000."

This is a lie! And propaganda that promotes reckless individualism!

It is not possible for homeowners to act together in their common interests unless directed to by a corporate board of directors, professional property management company, and HOA lawyers who have the ability to issue fines and threaten homeowners with foreclosure.

Without a strong central collectivist corporate authority, communities would descend into anarchy and chaos. The result would be like Somalia, or Mad Max, or a second Obama term. And just think what that would do to property values, neighborhood aesthetics, and conformity of appearance.

If word were to get out that homeowners can act together without a corporate structure, that HOA corporations are not not necessary, the Irony Curtain might collapse. The result would be 60 million more Americans who are able to enjoy the rights of ownership to their private property.

While freedom is great in theory, people just aren't good enough for it.