Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lake County homeowners form anti-HOA group |

Lake County homeowners form anti-HOA group | LAKE COUNTY, Fla. —The leaders of more than 200 Lake County homeowners turned to WFTV in hopes of solving a problem with what they say is an out-of-control Homeowners Association.

Homeowners insist they have no say in what happens in their community, partly because Yale University owns Harbor Hills in Lady Lake.

Homeowners sent a binder full of complaints about Harbor Hills to the Ivy League school. But so far, they've gotten no response.
Yale?  Paging the perfessor...

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Anonymous said...

"When you don't try to resolve these issues within your own community, and you bring in the news media and Yale, you spread it outside the walls. It makes it harder to mediate," said Mandy Wettstein, a Harbor Hills spokesperson."

Yes, right along the mentality of how rape victims are supposed to behave. You know, they aren't supposed to tell anyone else in order to avoid sullying the reputation of the rapist or to avoid being marked as "damaged goods" themselves. After all, if prospective purchasers knew about the abuse, it might harm property values

Wettstein said issues between residents and associations are not unusual.

This HOA or every HOA?

And even though more than 200 residents formed an anti-HOA group called the Property Owners of Harbor Hills, she said only a handful have a bone to pick with management.

"And the residents out there, except for these six to 30 members, are extremely happy and not involved in any of this," said Wettstein.

Ah yes, the typical board mentality. All the homeowners who are not visibly protesting just love the HOA. Maybe they just don't want to have anything to do with the HOA. Alternatively, maybe they don't want to be targeted for abuse. However, there is no reason for the spokesperson to make the presumption that the rest of the residents have no problems.