Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Notorious HOA Board Removed by State - 8 News NOW

Notorious HOA Board Removed by State - 8 News NOW: NORTH LAS VEGAS -- The state real estate division on Monday took what it termed "unprecedented action" by removing an infamous one-time HOA president and his entire board.

The Nevada Commission for Common-Interest Communities and Condominium Hotels (CICCH) ousted Joseph Bitsky, Barbara Bitsky and Hellen Murphy – the full three-person board of the Autumn Chase Homeowners Association in North Las Vegas – for hundreds of violations of state law governing HOA's.

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Anonymous said...

A few week ago, you wrote

Friday, September 21, 2012
Getting Receiver For Homeowners Association Typically Is Bad Idea

The association must pay the receiver for those services
and fees that are court approved. Such fees are in addition
to the association's assessed operating costs and can easily
exceed thousands of dollars each month, depending on the
size of the common interest development and the complexity
of the problems to be solved.
Five years of a lousy economy have pinched local governments
to the point some have filed or are the verge of bankruptcy.
But receivership really isn't a good option for HOAs as
Donie Vanitzian and the late Stephen Glassman explain in
their L.A. Times column. It essentially amounts to
management fees on steroids with the receiver legally
calling the shots to a far greater extent than even the
most over-reaching HOA manager.

So has this HOA been placed under control of a court-appointed receiver?

And if so, is the receiver the HOA's property management company and/or law firm?