Wednesday, June 30, 2010

William Gammon: Prosecutor's Not Happy The Accused Child Porn User's Out On Bond

William Gammon, the attorney who's pushed for aggressive homeowners' associations in court and in the legislature, is out on bond on charges of possessing a pornography stash described by an investigator as "one of the largest collections of extremely young children he had ever seen."

According to the [ICE] special agent, Gammon's collection consisted primarily of young males and females under the age of 12, with many being infants 2 to 3 years old. The images and videos showed the young males and females, some as young as 3 months, being vaginally and anally penetrated, bound, gagged, and bleeding from their orifices. One particular image showed a 6 month old female on her back, with her hands and feet bound, a red gag in her mouth, her genitalia spread, and a message written across her abdomen saying "lick me here," with an arrow pointing to her genitalia.


Oh, how absolutely horrible. It is sickening, really sickening. How can people do that to children?


Anonymous said...

Gammon's firm's website URL is:

This arrest gives insight to the psyche of CAI attorneys and management company owner/employees. This arrest has everything to do with HOA corporations and the "controller" psyche.

Gammon is a Community Associations Institute (CAI) member attorney. (Note his domain name) He and his CAI buddies have lobbied for years to keep homeowners the "soft targets" that his other victims obviously are. This organization seeks to keep homeowners as powerless as children with little ability to defend against their tormentors.

Gammon ran one of the largest if not the largest volume HOA corp foreclosure mill in Houston, Texas. For the uninitiated, CAI is a trade group consisting predominately of "management" companies and attorneys that claim to represent HOA corporations. Their membership relies heavily on the creation of "junk debt" and extorting money from homeowners.

One common tactic is to create "junk fees" out of thin air and then to threaten the homeowner with the loss of the home to try to extort these "fees" for the benefit of the HOA vendors. The standard operating procedures is well known: First they adopt a "fining policy", and the "priority of payment" scam, then they roam the neighborhood proclaiming homeowners to be "noncompliant" and then threaten homeowners with the loss of their home (via the priority of payment scam) in order to extort money for the benefit of the management company and HOA attorney. CAI is nothing but a trade-lobby group for these management company and HOA attorneys.

Gammon's business model is ubiquitous with CAI HOA management companies and attorneys. You'll find this priority of payment scam where CAI affiliated attorneys or management companies show up.

For example, consider "Associa" - purportedly the largest legion of HOA management companies in the United States. If you are in an subdivision that is being managed by one of the "Associa" management companies, look for a "resolution" relating to the "application of payment". Associa is owned/controlled by Texas Senator John Carona. Senator Carona's legislative conduct has been to write/modify legislation to protect his business practices. The "priority of payment" scam tends to show up when Associa management companies are "managing" the HOA corporation.

Carona has several CAI credentials. CAI members often try to silence homeowners that are outspoken about these business practices. Gammon has sent threatening letters to homeowners. Carona has likewise sent letters to try to prevent homeowners from publicizing those business practices or tying him to those practices. For examples about the business practices and the attempts to silence homeowners, see this article: Harris County DA investigating homeowners’ claim that their former management firm mishandled things

This arrest of William G. Gammon gives insight to the psyche of the members of CAI organization. They prey on the weak and the vulnerable and they want to make sure every homeowner is as weak and vulnerable as Gammon's other victims.

Anonymous said...

A Fox News investigative report on Senator Carona's business practices and the priority of payment scam were posted to YouTube a few years ago:
Sen Carona's priority of payment scam

The report points out how useless Carona's legislation was at protecting homeowners from his business practices. (starts @3:38).

Near the end Carona is quoted as saying that he "will oppose any attempt at preventing HOA corps from reapplying your payments" (@7:34). Of course he didn't state that his organizations are the beneficiaries of the re-applied payments or that assessments are also "re-applied" to be paid to junk fees created out of thin air by his management company.

Shu Bartholomew said...

Anonymous 1 said:

"They prey on the weak and the vulnerable and they want to make sure every homeowner is as weak and vulnerable as Gammon's other victims."

Funny you should mention that because at the CAI Law Seminar in January a couple of attorneys from Illinois claimed they thought of the board members as the parents and all the homeowners as the children. The parents tell the children what to do.

Beth said...

Oh, I think I will be ill.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Anonymous at 4:13:00 CDT above for the link to the video.

The "Priority of Payments Scam Accounting System" allowed by the "Property Owners Protection Act" is explained at 5 minutes 28 seconds.

You can link to a specific time in a YouTube video by putting #t= and the time in minutes and seconds at the end of the URL. See above for example.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous 8:15:00 PM CDT above...

With respect to the Property Owners Protection Act, it is important to note that it was a bill represented by its legislative author, Sen. John Carona, that would stop the extortive practice of management companies accusing a homeowner of being "noncompliant" and then threatening to foreclose on the homeowner to collect junk fees.

However, Carona's own comments and threatening letters to homeowners that protest his business practices reveal that Carona is well aware that his legislation would not impede his business practices. Other states were wise enough to note that private "fining" is unconstitutional. I agree and affirmatively outlawing such "fining" would go a long way to pulling the rug out from under CAI's business practices.

By the way, the Property Owners Protection Act did not halt Carona's business practices but rather served as an enabling act to "okay" the practice of fining homeowners. The "Property Owners Protection Act" - like most legislation promulgated by CAI members - is deceptively named. The Act is an industry protection act.