Tuesday, June 29, 2010


It sounds like the plot of a Cold War thriller: Russian spies living in the suburbs, using invisible ink, code names and "dead drops." The FBI says it's been going on for years.
I wonder if this alleged plot of suburban Soviet-style espionage involved penetrating the HOA power apparatus to get a real insider view of how local government is increasingly organized in the U.S.A.


Yuri Andropov said...

To: Leonid Brezhnev
Date: November 8, 1973

Dear Comrade Secretary General,

As we celebrate the 56th anniversary of the Great October Revolution, I wish to inform you that our plan to export Communism to the United States is underway.

Recently, our agents founded the Community Associations Institute, a front organization for our Communist Party. As you may recall during the briefing of the Communist Infiltration Development project several years ago, our strategists realized that we would never be able to export Marxism/Leninism to the West using our military might, so another approach was needed. Comrade Arbatov came up with a brilliant plan to pervert the tools of capitalism and American corporate contract law to serve our ends.

The CAI has begun implementing a long-term plan to collectivize the private property of American homeowners. By lobbying state and local governments, the CAI believes it can influence developers to create "Common Interest Communities," governed by a "Homeowners Association" (HOA) corporation. If our long-term projections are correct, municipalities across the United States will require housing developers to build all new homes under the governance of an HOA within a decade or two.

These HOAs will have the power of small governments, but be shielded as corporations. As every Soviet schoolchild knows, American corporations are not bound by the norms and rules of the U.S. Constitution. They will be able to exploit their "members" -- HOA corporate speak for "homeowners" -- mercilessly.

Our propaganda department has already prepared guidelines for CAI press releases and talking points to be used over the next two to three decades. And I must say their work is brilliant. Unlike most of our propaganda efforts, which are blatantly Marxist/Leninist in origin, the CAI will co-opt American marketing methods to promote a Communist lifestyle. Although the message will speak of "free markets" and "voluntary contracts" -- in order to seduce the American anti-communists into complacency -- the underlying theme will constantly be one of submission of the individual to the collective.

As a result, Americans will eventually accept a regime where their homes are forever collateral to the HOA collective, even after they have worked to pay of the bank mortgage. Our PsyOps predict that even the most outspoken opponents of collectivism will become staunch apologists for anything these HOA corporations do to homeowners.

Despite the front of capitalist corporate contracts, Americans will eventually be living under a system of collective property ownership that is Communist in every way except for the name. "From the homeowners according to their ability, to the property managers and lawyers according to their greed."

Fred Pilot said...

Bravo. Keep going. You've got a marketable historical dramatization plot in the works here.

Beth said...

"Yuri," that's hilarious.

gnut said...

Who will history record as the "useful idiots"

* The liberals who were naive and apologetic about the nature of communism during the Cold War?


* The conservatives and libertarians who continue to be naive and apologetic about the nature of communism a decade into the 21st century?

There was a Lenin quote, possibly apocryphal, that went "The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them."

Likewise, those who believe they are anti-communist will support tyranny in the name of collective ownership, as long as the path is The Privatized Toll Road to Serfdom.