Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breezy summer reading about associations just a click away -

Breezy summer reading about associations just a click away - The Privatopia Papers runs headlines and links to news stories about dreary financial reports, dubious legislation and homeowner associations behaving badly. Attorney Evan McKenzie, a political science professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, offers snarky commentary along with explanations of the finer points of law and governance.
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In one post, a Baltimore association proposed DNA-testing of its resident dogs to determine which owners aren't cleaning up after their pooches. McKenzie assured his readers the story was not something invented by The Onion, a satirical news source.

"It is no longer possible to parody the antics of homeowner association boards because no matter how absurd the concept you come up with, they have all ready exceeded it," he wrote.

Thanks to Pam McKuen for including this blog among the cool summer readings on HOAs. She gets my vote for most knowledgeable journalist on this subject (and not because of this article!) Hey--am I snarky? I thought I was just realistic...

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