Monday, January 04, 2010

Chicago justice system--a farce in action - VIOLENT ATTACK SHATTERS LIVES,but attacker released early
Here is the Chicago "justice" system in action. In August 2008, Derrick King, a homeless piece of garbage living at the Pacific Garden Mission (1458 S. Canal St., Chicago) and his bum companion, Joyce Burgess, demanded cigarettes from a couple leaving a convenience store at Wabash and Roosevelt in downtown Chicago. The couple turned them down. King and Burgess attacked them. King kicked out most of her teeth and left her with brain damage. Read the details if you can stand it. She will never fully recover, physically or emotionally.

His sentence? Three years in prison for robbery. Apparently these two maggots stole a Blackberry after the attack. The sentence is a joke to begin with. It should have been more like 30 years instead of three. That is the Chicago judiciary for you.

But it gets worse. Our liberal Democrat, soft-touch, nice-guy governor, Pat Quinn, authorized an early release program called the "Meritorious Good Time Program" for 1700 convicts. King was one of them. He spent 13 months in the Cook County Jail while his case dragged on in the Chicago court system. Then he copped a plea, went into prison to start his 3 year joke sentence on October 6, 2009, and was released on October 20, 2009, two weeks later. Quinn and his flacks claim that no violent offenders were released under this program. Right. Keep lying.

But it gets even worse. The day King was released, October 20, 2009, he did the same thing again. He accosted a woman, demanded cigarettes, was told no, and then attacked her, saying, "Remember the couple who got beat real bad for not giving a cigarette? That was me!"

He's back in jail again.

There are violent, angry homeless people demanding money all around the Chicago downtown area. They know the system is a big farce and are not the least bit afraid of it. Why should they be? Yet we can't carry guns or any other significant weapon to protect ourselves from them.


Beth said...

What an appalling story.

Anonymous said...

He simply hasn't met up with the right person, yet. His nasty nicotine habit will be the death of him eventually.

DBX said...

The county jail is a squalid breeding ground for recidivism with absolutely no mental health provision. The state is so broke it's selling a much-needed high-security prison to the feds because our leaders lack the political will to fund its staffing. Chicago's the only one of the top ten US central cities to lose population during the current decade. See a pattern here?