Monday, October 12, 2009

Recession-hit Britain to sell off state assets: PM

Recession-hit Britain to sell off state assets: PM: "The government is to sell off 16 billion pounds (25.4 billion dollars, 17.2 billion euros) of assets, Brown was to say, according to extracts from a keynote speech to be given London, setting out his vision for 'enduring and sustainable growth.'

Brown was to outline details of initial sales that could raise three billion pounds, including the Channel Tunnel linking Britain to France; the 33 percent stake in European uranium consortium URENCO; the Tote bookmakers; the River Thames crossings at Dartford, east of London; and the Student Loans Company."

Just like Chicago selling the Skyway and the parking meters, and trying to sell Midway Airport, while the state of Illinois tries to sell the lottery. And on, and on. Fire sale on government, Aisle Five.

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