Sunday, October 11, 2009

Biggest news you’ve never heard: Earth isn’t warming |

Biggest news you’ve never heard: Earth isn’t warming | "Five major climate centers around the world agree that average global temperatures have not risen in the past 11 years, according to the BBC. In fact, in eight of those years, global average temperatures dipped a tad."
But this can be dismissed easily, because it is that right-wing Christian Science Monitor quoting that right-wing BBC.


Beth said...

Is it your impression that the CSM is left-wing? That's a serious question . . . I haven't read it in years, and when I did read it, I wasn't sensitized to look for political slant.

Evan McKenzie said...

You are right. I was being ironic.

Beth said...

OK, thanks for explaining. I thought that is what you meant (that CSM was left wing, along with BBC), but I'd been thinking that the CSM was conservative because most of the Christian Scientists I know are conservative. None of them produce the paper, of course.

Anonymous said...

The CSM is actually a very balanced, though poorly named outlet.

That said, hey, emission regulations work!