Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HOA Fights Back Against Delinquent Members - Money News Story - WPBF West Palm Beach

HOA Fights Back Against Delinquent Members - Money News Story - WPBF West Palm Beach: "...with so many foreclosures, about 33 percent of homeowners are delinquent in their homeowner's association dues.

'(It's a) pretty high amount, substantial -- especially when you try to budget that,' said Prince.

Now, the community is trying something new. Liens are only marginally working, so the HOA board has invested in new security software and a car transponder system that will cut conveniences, like entry into the community -- until they pay up."

The rule seems to be, the association gets all kinds of breaks and leniency from the law and the courts, but the owners have to live up to all their obligations, or else.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this entire industry is any homeowner's nightmare. My experience is that many of these groups board members will make up ANYTHING to inflict undue harm on another they do not like, or will not heed to their power and/or unwarranted advances, and the list goes on and on...
Unfortunately, someone is believing these bullies and giving them too much power.
What about an owner who is "said," to be behind, that has a renter paying their rent? Are the renters banned too?
I bet they are targeting the elderly and disabled first, in this one!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether "dues" are paid or not, denying access to your home via the easement evidenced by the road would seem to be an unlawful "lockout". Time to damage some gates.

A car "transponder system"? How expensive was that as opposed to a) no gate, b) leaving the gate open, or c) using remote openers. Maybe some people don't like seeing their money wasted on "car transponders"