Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mayor Daley May Be Considering A Sale Of Chicago's Water System -

Mayor Daley May Be Considering A Sale Of Chicago's Water System - "CHICAGO (CBS) ―If the parking meter deal put a bad taste in your mouth, try swallowing this: Chicago is considering leasing its water system to help fix the budget.

The new boss could charge whatever they want for water, CBS 2's Roseanne Tellez reports.

Could it happen here in Chicago? It already has nearby. Homer Glen in Will County relies on Lake Michigan water, but the supply comes from a German-owned firm. Locals say there's a lot more than water going down the drain."

Here we go again. This is another scheme to get money from a private firm that then passes on that cost to the taxpayers (who become customers). Net effect: a disguised tax increase.

Sort of like HOAs and condos.

Chicago, like many cities, simply refuses to reduce its spending to match a level of taxation that will keep people and businesses from fleeing the city in droves.

Homer Glen is a city that was made out of several HOAs that decided to incorporate so they wouldn't get swallowed up (annexed) by nearby Orland Park. So the picture is complete: Chicago is doing what a huge HOA-turned-city did.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the HOAs that formed Homer Glen? Are they still in existence and if so, why?

Beth said...

I just do not understand the belief that "private" automatically equals "better."

Anonymous said...

Know this one well, as we have similar. Americans need to wake up! The next "bubble," is going to be the "water bubble," followed by the "food bubble," (water is needed to produce the food, raise the livestock, etc...) This privatization of water AND PRIVATE WATER COMPANIES DOING BUSINESS WITH NEWLY ORGANIZED "Utility Commissions," (obviously, friends who needed high paying jobs at the taxpayers expense.) "Public Utility Commissions," are actually billing in private communities for sewerage use (+) based upon the private water companies usage who service them. Look at Aqua Water and what they are up to. Especially, in the southeast! The water comes from upper level aquifers and rivers! In addition, I never heard of water defined as a "utility." Oh, the management and allocation of natural resources is looming to be highly profitable and another UNREGULATED INDUSTRY TO HAVE AMERICANS AT THEIR MERCY!

Evan McKenzie said...

HOAs don't go away just because an incorporation effort succeeds. They are perpetual. You can't kill them with a stick.

And "better" has nothing to do with this. It is 100% about Daley finding a way to continue paying off the Machine hacks and cronies, even though the city is broke.

Anonymous said...

How about a cannon. And if that fails, a tactical nuke.