Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Brit's view of America

Arrested just for looking weird | Jeremy Clarkson - Times Online: "Step out of the loop, do something unusual and you’ll encounter a wall of low-paid, low-intellect workers whose sole job is to prevent their bosses from being sued. As a result, you never hear anyone say: “Oh I’m sure it’ll be all right.”"
I have this experience about a dozen times a day.


Beth said...

"you don't need common sense when you've got laws" *snicker* That could be the HOA motto.

Funny article, though the author has a lot of darn gall acting so superior. Let's see him turn his withering scorn on other groups and see how long it takes before he gets thrown in jail, like this guy: That wouldn't happen in America.

DBX said...

This column was posted in 2006. Do you have anything more recent to link to?

Of course, the US's insularity is a long-term condition.