Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Council bans parents from play areas - Boing Boing

Council bans parents from play areas - Boing Boing: "Score one for Britain in its contest with the United States to create the stupidest fear-based society. The Watford Borough Council took the lead by banning parents from supervising their own kids in public playgrounds, 'because they have not undergone criminal record checks.'

The only adults allowed to monitor the kids are idiocracy-vetted 'play rangers.' The children's parents must 'watch from outside a perimeter fence.'"

Well, we will catch up with them soon. We already have government officials scolding us for not coughing the right way. Our local, state, and national government already think they own our kids. How much longer can it be before I need a background check to pick up my kids at school?

Thanks to Mystery Reader for this fascinating example of a real nanny state. Literally.

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Beth said...

ugh, how creepy. Clearly we need some kind of CPS, but the way hings are set up now, to act on anonymous reports and other ridiculous reports (taking kids away from families because dad accidentally buys hard lemonade at the ballpark instead of regular lemonade, or because family takes after-bath pics of cute preschoolers), is not in anyone's best interest. Public policy ought to encourage families to be with their kids, not to separate them.