Thursday, October 01, 2009

City, agencies helping HOAs save water, cash | | The Desert Sun

City, agencies helping HOAs save water, cash | | The Desert Sun: "City staff, along with La Quinta's “green” partners — Imperial Irrigation District and Coachella Valley Water District — have had several meetings since the start of the year with homeowners association board of directors representatives from several communities.

The workshops are aimed at informing residents about water conservation and energy-efficiency programs and incentives provided by the city and utility companies.

The idea is to decrease water and energy usage while “bringing down the overall costs of the HOAs,” said Bret Plumlee, La Quinta's assistant city manager."

I know how to help. Tell the HOAs to stop making people water their lawns.

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Anonymous said...


The education programs are worthless because the homeowners are powerless to do anything but follow the HOA's commands under threat of foreclosure on the home.

The stupidity of this program illustrates the continued misplaced belief that individuals in HOAs have choices.

In Texas, many HOAs in unincorporated areas utilize developer-originated water companies. They aren't interested in conservation - they want to force feed you as much water as you could consume until there isn't a drop left! That's often one of the reason that the developers mandate "out-of-place" yards in the middle of drought or desert areas - they often own the water company that you will be forced to purchase the water from! Artificial demand with an HOA there to ensure you can't buy from anyone else and to impose the demand.