Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anti-Graffiti Plan Raises Stakes for Homeowners | NBC Los Angeles

Anti-Graffiti Plan Raises Stakes for Homeowners | NBC Los Angeles: "All new buildings in Los Angeles -- including homes -- must have anti-graffiti coating under an ordinance approved unanimously by the City Council on Tuesday. There is an exception if the owners promise to remove any graffiti on their property soon after it appears.

The ordinance will take effect 30 days after being signed by the mayor.

The anti-graffiti coating must cover the walls and doors from the ground to a height of at least nine feet. The coating is mandated on all buildings, unless owners sign a 'Covenant and Agreement Regarding Maintenance of Building (Graffiti Removal)' with the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety."

LA's rapid descent into insanity continues.

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Anonymous said...

Why are people obligated to sign a "covenant" with the city of Los Angeles? What kind of "contract" is that when you have to sign or you will be fined for not having the "graffiti coating". Undoubtedly, the "covenant" imposes all sorts of additional requirements on the homeowner.