Friday, September 11, 2009

Troutman: Parking dispute in HOA's hands, for now

Troutman: Parking dispute in HOA's hands, for now: "Thursday night's Troutman Board of Aldermen meeting produced two rare tie votes that had to be broken by Mayor Elbert Richardson.

The most contentious of these concerned an ordinance the board passed at its August meeting that banned the parking of all non-passenger vehicles on the streets of a development called Barium Seasons Village.

Citing safety issues, residents of the development asked the board to pass the ordinance last month as a way of getting boats and campers from being parked on the streets there."

More local HOA lobbying.


Beth said...

Barium Seasons Village? Are they serious? Who named that place, a chemist? At least it is a more interesting name than the developments in my part of the world get: Stonybrook East, Stonybrook West, Stonybrook North, Brookstone South, Brookstone Manor, blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a senior HOA reflecting the name of a common medical procedure for folks of a certain age that involves barium. :)