Tuesday, September 08, 2009

George Staropoli takes off the gloves

CAI lobbyist firm espouses HOA secessionist, un-American views « HOA Constitutional Government: "The recent article(1) by the hired-hand, paid, Arizona lobbying organization for the CAI chapter, DeMenna & Associates, contains many of the points that I’ve been arguing relating to the attitudes and views of CAI and die-hard, homeowner association true believers: anti-democratic principles, anti-individual rights, secessionist philosophies, and a corporatism promoting the HOA state above everything else that recalls fascist principles."
The keyboard must have been smoking hot.


Anonymous said...

Legislators (Arizona), whether opposed to or in support of homeowner friendly legislation, might be interested in CAI's LAC's "policy consultant's" opinion of their legislative efforts, Anderson ’s tone and his characterization of Arizona legislators and the legislative process, particularly with respect to homeowner association legislation.

Excerpted from CAI Central Arizona Chapter’s 'Community Resource,' Issue 3 2009

2009 Arizona Legislative Session - Ryan Anderson, DeMenna & Associates

"...CAI LAC is currently monitoring or actively lobbing on behalf or against 13 homeowner association related bills...13 bills is a reduction in the amount of harmful or anti-HOA bills being considered...CAI LAC continues to fight as hard as ever to defeat a number of bills...a small group of lobbyists would like to impose their will upon the majority of their neighbors (the pot calling the kettle black?), compliments of the Arizona State Legislature...a common problem surrounding most HOA legislation introduced at the Capitol: the Legislature's continued attempt to interfere with the rights of willing parties to contract...new laws continue to be enacted and imposed upon the majority of homeowners because of the desires of a small and vocal minority...the Legislature should not feel obligated to interfere with private contracts between willing parties...until this larger concept or true "Power to the People" legislation is actualized, it is likely that we will continue to fight anecdotal, short-sighted, one-size fits all homeowner association legislation at the State Capitol."

Fred Pilot said...

"a common problem surrounding most HOA legislation introduced at the Capitol: the Legislature's continued attempt to interfere with the rights of willing parties to contract."

This is a fallacious statement. People who buy property in an HOA don't form contracts with anyone other than the party selling them the home. Plus a buyer cannot engage in contract negotiations with deed restrictions; they run with the land and are not a contracting party.

In states like Arizona, the notion that homebuyers "contract" with their HOA is as ludicrous as saying someone "contracts" with the city of Phoenix when they purchase property within the city limits.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Anderson is the same CAI lobbyist that opposed allowing homeowners to petition other members with respect to running for office in the HOA. CAI prefers entrenched boards and actively seeks to prevent homeowners from being able to unseat such boards via legislation and lawsuits. Arizona's HB 2440 was a bill to enable members to engage in political petition for office yet CAI adamantly opposed the bill and kept pushing to talk "offline" - so that there won't be evidence of CAI's continued attempts to create authoritarian regimes despite their claims of promoting vibrant and harmonious communities. Total sleaze. What CAI states publicly is a facade and quite contrary to the organization's business practices which rely heavily on closed meetings, closed records, closed elections, and a total lack of constitutional protections to facilitate the graft and corruption that is synonymous with "mandatory association" whether cast as an HOA or condo association.