Friday, August 21, 2009

Unplug your clothes dryer: Save energy, reduce carbon emissions | Daily Loaf

Unplug your clothes dryer: Save energy, reduce carbon emissions | Daily Loaf: "clothesline2 Unplug your clothes dryer: Save energy, reduce carbon emissionsHouseholds that do commit to hanging laundry outside in their yard or balcony may discover an unlikely obstacle – their homeowner’s association. Unfortunately many community associations prohibit clotheslines and other efforts to let the sunshine dry clothes. Project Laundry List is a nonprofit that has helped to fight anti-clothesline ordinances in many neighborhoods, often by passing city or state legislation that invalidates such ordinances."


Private Local Government Public Policy Committee said...

We support the right of HOA residents to hang laundry outdoors subject to reasonable restrictions such as limited to 30 minutes per dry cycle, placement of lines and drying apparatus, proper coordination of colored and white laundry, ensuring laundry not visible from private roads or common areas along with a nonrebuttable presumption that any other rules and restrictions adopted by the HOA board are deemed reasonable.

Kondo kommando said...

Throw away your lawnmower, but if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your clothes dryer plugged in.

Anonymous said...

This article illustrates the common misperception that an HOA is a democratic, governmental entity. Restrictive covenants are not "ordinances" nor are they voted upon by the residents. They are servitudes burdening the property. The governmental entities are adopting ordinances that restrict, limit, or invalidate restrictive covenants that purport to prohibit clotheslines.

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